6 Ways Olympus Verifies Quality Roofers

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Hailstorms are not as common in the Sunshine State as they are in some parts of the nation, but they can and do happen. When a severe hailstorm does hit, Florida homeowners are often facing a situation where they have little or no previous experience. Unfortunately, Florida is dealing with an increase in unethical and fraudulent storm-chasing contractors who take advantage of that lack of experience and a vulnerable time.

Customers of Olympus Insurance never have to worry about falling into the hands of scam artists or unreliable contractors. After any storm that may have caused roof or property damage, Olympus is already in your corner. Just call the Olympus Claims line at 866-281-2242. Olympus will schedule a free, thorough inspection by one of our experienced independent adjusters to ascertain what the damage is and how we can help.  Once your claim is verified, Olympus will take the guesswork out of connecting with the right roofing professional for the job. Olympus is here to assure you of quality workmanship by a licensed contractor with a proven reputation—fully verified to meet seven critical standards:

  1. Permanent place of business with a local telephone number and tax ID number.
  2. Florida licensing: All roofing contractors conducting business in Florida must be licensed by the Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board.
  3. Professional liability insurance.
  4. List of completed projects and positive feedback from client references.
  5. Free from complaints at the Better Business Bureau.
  6. Proven quality control procedures and project supervision.

No one wants to fall into the hands of an opportunist who leaves behind a trail of unhappy customers—much less one who is involved in outright fraud. Should a storm leave you wondering whether your home or property has been damaged, call Olympus and relax.

Any time of the day or night, all the support you need is available by calling the Olympus Claims line at 866-281-2242. Being there to right your world is just part of the Olympus philosophy: We treat you the way we want to be treated!

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