6 Reasons to Choose Olympus as Your FL Homeowners Insurance Carrier

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At Olympus Insurance, our focus is on comprehensive coverage and excellence in customer care. Our policyholders are our number one priority. Building, maintaining, and keeping the trust required to service your needs is what drives every Olympus employee – from upper management to underwriters, from claims specialists to adjusters in the field.  

Here are 6 reasons you should ask your agent for an Olympus quote:  


1: Olympus Provides Superior Coverage 

Olympus homeowners insurance policies offer superior coverage for items like hidden water damage, pool enclosures, outlying buildings on the main property, and more. Not all policies are the same. Comparing policies based on coverage they offer can help you make the best choice, and you can even purchase specific scheduled coverage for luxury items to provide extra protection. 


2: Olympus Delivers Excellence in Claims Service 

Olympus met and surpassed expectations during the 2017 storm season, with multiple teams deployed across the state of Florida to quickly assess damage, facilitate speedy repairs, and settle claims as swiftly as possible to help restore homeowners to normalcy. Multiple channels are available to policyholders to report and track their claims, and resources (including a comprehensive claims kit) provided to streamline the process whenever possible. When disaster strikes, policyholders know Olympus is there for them. 


3: Olympus Offers Competitive Rates 

Olympus’ competitive edge is apparent in homes in the $500K and $5M range, built in the last 15 years. Multiple discounts may apply based on home structure, type of roof, materials, and more. Olympus even offers insurance for dwellings under construction with a DP3 form, insuring new homes from the initial design conception through the move-in day and for many years into the future. 


4: Olympus Fights Fraud Every Day 

Part of Olympus’ commitment to Florida homeowners is constant push back against homeowner insurance fraud – especially AOB fraud. Assignment of Benefits forms are often used by unscrupulous contractors to mislead homeowners into signing away their rights. Olympus provides regular updates on how to handle suspected fraud, reminds policyholders to always “call Olympus first”, and partners with trusted vendors to help protect policyholders and prevent fraud. 


5: Olympus has an “A, Exceptional” Financial Stability Rating 

Demotech, an unbiased third-party company that rates insurers based on their ability to confidently handle catastrophic events, has routinely assigned Olympus an “A, Exceptional” rating for financial stability regardless of general economic conditions. Olympus weathered the 2017 storm season and still has the resources to protect Floridians come what may.  


6: Olympus Supports Policyholders and Agents  

Olympus is constantly striving to provide even better, more comprehensive support to agents and policyholders alike. Our resources include multiple guides on our website, printable brochures for policyholder and agent reference, educational and informational social media postsan FAQ page, and consistently updated blogs to provide insight and information on Florida homeowners insurance. 


Any or all of these are good answers for the question, “Why Olympus?”. When you choose Olympus insurance, you are getting exactly what every homeowner needs – the peace of mind that comes with comprehensive coverage, and the security of a well insured home.  


About Olympus Insurance Company 

Headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, FL and founded in 2007, Olympus Insurance Company specializes in Florida property insurance. Through its independent agency force, Olympus insures $45 billion worth of residential and investment property including homes, condos, rental property, and valuable personal property, with umbrella coverage and Spartan Enhanced Coverage available. Coverage for individual risks up to $5 million in total insured value is provided on one of the most comprehensive coverage forms in the industry. 

For more information, visit olympusinsurance.com. 

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