5 Things Floridians Should Know about Leakage / Seepage Water Damage

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Leakage / seepage water damage is the cause of most non-weather-related homeowners insurance claims in the state of Florida. It’s also one of the most likely types of claim to be associated with fraud. Coverage for water damage has changed significantly over the years, and different insurance carriers handle these types of claims in various ways. 

What Is Leakage / Seepage? 

Leakage / seepage in reference to homeowners insurance refers to water damage that is caused over time, due to a slow leakage or seepage of water (often due to a broken pipe in a wall or floor). The amount of damage that can be caused by a slow leak can be extensive and costly to repair. 

What Additional Problems Can Be Caused by Leakage / Seepage? 

Besides damage done to walls, floors, and foundations, leakage / seepage can cause mold. Mold remediation may or may not be covered by your insurance company, and if covered, may have inflexible caps set on the amounts to be paid out for such claims. 

How Can Leakage / Seepage Damage Be Prevented? 

Regular home maintenance can help prevent most leakage / seepage damage. Check pipe fittings and connections frequently to look for signs of leakage and monitor your entire home for damp spots on walls or floors. Catching a broken pipe early can help reduce the amount of damage done. A moisture sensor system can also be of assistance in alerting you to a leak in your home. 

If you do find water damage, report it as soon as possible and have the damage assessed by your insurance company. Stopping the leak and remedying any damage – including mold – will be a top priority. Olympus offers one of the broadest water damage coverages available. Your carrier may be one of the many who exclude or sub-limit this important coverage. Ask your agent what your policy covers. 


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