5 New Year’s Resolutions for Florida Homeowners

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As a new year begins, it’s the perfect time to commit to changes that can make a real difference. New Year’s resolutions are often focused on big personal goals – quitting smoking, exercising more, dieting – but a lot of people forget about one of the biggest investments in their lives, their home. Here are five ways you can greet the new year with resolutions that focus on your security and stability. 

Bump up your mortgage payments 

Even if you just make one small extra mortgage payment every month, you can cut years off your mortgage period. Imagine having your home paid off ten years sooner than you expected? This mortgage payment calculator can help you figure out just how much time you can cut off your loan, and how much interest you can save by paying off your mortgage early.  

Set aside a budget for home improvement  

Creating a yearly budget for home improvement and maintenance can positively affect the value of your home. Similarly, minor issues can turn into costly repairs if they aren’t dealt with promptly. Checking for and fixing issues like small water leaks can save you thousands of dollars compared to dealing with serious damage later. Certain updates to your home can even lower your home insurance premiums. 

Review your property tax assessment 

If your property tax is based on an assessed value you feel is excessive, you can request a hearing date and seek a reduction in your tax. Approximately 50% of homeowners who dispute their property taxes win their appeal. 

Make your home smarter 

Saving money and becoming more energy efficient is as simple as switching out your incandescent light bulbs for LED and investing in timers and remote controls for your lights, your thermostat, and other automatable functions of your home.  These steps are relatively inexpensive and can result in savings in your monthly energy and utility bills. 

Take another look at your homeowners insurance 

Florida homeowners insurance rates remain high – mostly thanks to unchecked fraud – but there are often things you can do to lower your premium or your deductibles. Ask your agent to review your policy with you, and show you more than just the lowest three quotes from insurance carriers – sometimes a few extra dollars in a monthly premium could mean hundreds or thousands of dollars in savings if you need to make a claim. Don’t forget to fully document the contents of your home. 

These five homeowners New Year’s resolutions can help protect your property – which in turn can help safeguard your future!  


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