5 Must-Know Roofing Fraud Alerts

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roofing fraud

Less common in Florida than high winds and heavy rains, the occasional hailstorm can leave homeowners wondering about roof and property damage. Should the unexpected happen, Olympus Insurance customers only have to call the Olympus claims line at 866-281-2242 for a free roof inspection by a qualified engineer with specialized storm-damage experience. Along with quick and efficient claims processing, Olympus will ensure that the job is completed by a quality licensed roofer.

Unfortunately, being insured by a trusted company like Olympus will not keep unethical contractors or salespeople from approaching you after a storm. Problems with these “storm chasers” cause nightmare situations for homeowners and lead to felony crimes. That’s why the Florida Department of Financial Services asks anyone who suspects insurance fraud to call 800-378-0445 with tips or information that can be given anonymously.

Here are some common situations that raise red flags for fraudulent activity:

  1. Someone approaches a homeowner after a storm, claiming to be an “insurance specialist” who works with insurance companies in resolving claims. Arrests in Florida included three men who were posing as “public adjusters” while soliciting for roof repairs.
  2. Someone knocks on the door after a storm and offers to do an immediate, free roof inspection. In some cases, roof damage has been proven to be intentionally caused or enlarged. Another fraudulent tactic is to submit photos of damage from a different roof.
  3. A fast-talking, high-pressure salesperson appears at the door after a storm with promises of a free roof. Often trained in hard-sell tactics, these people know how to target all homeowners, not just vulnerable seniors. That “free roof” offer always means insurance fraud.
  4. A storm-chasing contractor or company approaches a homeowner and offers to pay the insurance deductible for a new roof. That statement also describes insurance fraud.
  5. A contractor suggests that the homeowner pay an inflated price for a new roof, promising to overbill the insurance company and reimburse the deductible—again, insurance fraud.

The more you learn about unethical roofers and fraud schemes, the more you will appreciate the simplicity and assurance of being insured with Olympus. Should the fury of Mother Nature ever leave you wondering about roof or property damage, call Olympus at 866-281-2242.

Calling Olympus first is the ultimate protection that every concern will be handled efficiently and professionally—including licensed contractors who meet strict standards of reliability and workmanship. We believe in treating you the way we want to be treated!

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