5 Mobile Apps for Tracking Hurricanes

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With hurricane season approaching, you need to be sure you are up to date on the latest weather conditions at all times. New mobile apps can help you monitor local storms and prepare your home and family for serious events. Here are the top five mobile applications for Android and iPhones:


1) Hurricane/Hurricane HD – iOS

Hurricane/Hurricane HD uses global meteorological data and bulletins from the National Hurricane Center to project incoming storms. It displays tracking maps, satellite views, radar images, and interactive forecasts. You can see where the storms originated and where they are anticipated to head. Hurricane/Hurricane HD also provides real-time news data feeds and text messages. The ad-free version costs $3.99.


2) Hurricane Hound – Android

Hurricane Hound uses Google Maps and satellite imagery to forecast incoming hurricanes and predict their direction. In coordination with National Weather Service Forecasts, Hurricane Hound delivers real-time public advisories and outlooks for incoming weather. The advertisement-free version is easy to understand and costs $1.99.


3) Hurricane Software – Android

Hurricane Software collects data from the National Hurricane Center to produce high resolution maps and satellite images to show you storm paths. It also issues warning information to keep you up-to-date on the latest bulletins. There is a free version with advertisements and one without ads that costs $2.99.


4) Red Cross Hurricane Tracker – Android/iOS

The Red Cross Hurricane Tracker both monitors conditions in your area and helps you prepare for a storm. The app has a safety feature that allows you to notify family members even when the power is out to let them know that you are OK. It also shows locations of the closest Red Cross shelters where you can go for help and supplies. The Red Cross Hurricane Tracker is ad-free and cost-free.


5) FEMA App – Android/iOS

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) app provides maps to local shelters and information on how to stay safe during a disaster. It also includes interactive checklists to prepare your emergency kits and storage lists. You can store information about your family meeting location and evacuation route. The app is free and has no advertisements.


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